Snow and cake

Princess_cake FYI: there is no knitting in this post.  None at all…

Carolyn came out to visit this weekend for an action packed snowboarding trip.  Alas, we are having a series of giant storms here in California, which probably wouldn’t be noteworthy in other parts of the country, and thought the better of getting stuck in the Sierra Nevadas. (Yes, Hwy 80 is still closed according to the Yahoo).

Despite huge amounts of hairstyle ruining rain in San Francisco this weekend, we managed to have fun.  There were the usual activities, but the major focus for me was eating Swedish Princess Cake this weekend.  I’d first seen it mentioned on Mariko’s blog awhile back and became obsessed.  She even gave me the name of a bakery where I was sure to find it.

The first slice of Swedish Princess Cake was from theSwedish_princess_cake Mariko approved Schuberts Bakery on Clement in SF.  I believe Carolyn said "this is the best thing that’s ever been in my mouth".  Hmmm…It is divine, white cake with kirsch custard and raspberry layers, whipped cream and marzipan over top.  It’s my new favorite.

The second slice was procured the next day at Patisserie DeLanghe, who’s deliciousness I’d known of since day one.  What I hadn’t know of was their Princess Cake.  In we wandered and there it was, begging to be eaten.  This slice may have been even better than the first, more raspberrier.  It could be that the slice in the hand is always the best, but more raspberry is always a good thing.

Today I see that Ikea has Swedish Princess Cake in their restaurants!  Holy crap!  The Swedish Princesses are taking over the world! I’m going to have to take up marathon running if this cake obsession continues.

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  1. (elbowing Cookie hard in the ribs)
    I think *I* need Swedish Princess Cake!!!
    Holy cow, that seems like something, on second thought, I should probably stay away from. 🙂

  2. Oh, YUM. I must get down there to try Patisserie DeLanghe! When you are finished with Swedish Princess Cakes you can move on to the coffee crunch cake. I believe it is a San Francisco treat (and it has nothing to do with Rice or Roni).

  3. Sorry you missed your snowboarding trip. My son is a ski patrolman/avalanche tech at Heavenly and he says snows better than it has been in years. This weekend, we’re there!

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