Lil bag o’mine

Bag1I think going to Kinokuniya with Carolyn the other day unleashed my desire to make small things.  Everything in those Japanese craft books are so cute and well thought out.  Even the butt ugly, what were they thinking items.

I thought I’d start with a small bag.  I came upon a very good tutorial for a boxy pouch on Kelly’s blog Drago[knit]-fly.  She’s got a clear, concise little tutorial for sewing one up.  I had all the supplies necessary in the stash so I cut out my fabric from home dec stash remnants and plugged in the iron. 

All in all, this bag took about an hour to cut and sew up.  Honestly, I could have done it a bit more quickly but I stopped when I figured out that the lining wouldn’t clean finish the inside of the bag.  I futzed and ripped a bit trying to find a work around, but short of ripping the whole thing apart and starting over, it wasn’t going to happen.  The home dec fabric I’d used unravels a ton more than cotton calico and I was afraid my cute bag would disintigrate with use.  I ended up finishing the inside corners with the serger and topstitching the horizontal side seams so the unravelling would stop where the stitching was.

I’d like to make another one and figure out the clean finishing part.  I pulled out the bag making book I’d bought on another Kinokuniya expedition and there is a similar box bag in there that is clean finished and engineered with Japanese precision.  If I can figure out the diagrams I’ll make another attempt at this box shape and also at a few of the other really cool shapes in that book.  I’ve got tons of remnants to practice with and a keen desire to learn Japanese, one character at a time from craft books.


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  1. I just finished making a couple of those little lovely bags (feeling quite smug if you must know) and I used some wide grosgrain ribbon and just bound the raw edges inside. I use it for my car project — cute and fantastic knitting access. It’s all good.

  2. Kinokuniya is one of my favorite places in New York! It’s very dangerous. I leave there with the most fabulous stuff. Now if only I could read Japanese.

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