A pox

Dear Skeevy Little Car Burglar:

I wish to inform you that I will be calling forth the power of the knitters ("TPOTK") forthwith to rain curses upon your head.  It is with some reluctance that I have come to this decision, but you did steal my iPod and attempt to extricate my car stereo from it’s rightful location (i.e. my dashboard).

I am reluctant to wish you so much ill will and bad karma, as clearly a person who has chosen car burglary as a profession does not have too many shining paths in their future from which to choose, but one reaps what one sows.  You dear burglar, will be reaping the powerful negative energy of a large group of creative individuals.  The curses will vary in content and manifestation as the knitting/spinning community is very diverse.  You shall never know where the next one will come, rather like a good horror movie.  You can be sure that your karmic circle will be closing in upon you shortly and I wish better luck in your future endeavors.

Best regards,

The Owner of The Beige Car You Burgled Last Night


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  1. Oh, he so deserves it! I had somebody break into my car once and steal my cell-phone … and would you believe that it was actually recovered a week or so later by the police in the next town, found in a stolen CAR? It made me feel a little better about the whole thing (and really grateful I still had my car, even if it was missing a window), but still–I was so ANGRY. So, oh my yes, here come the curses. Really, a pox sounds just about right–nothing too painful or fatal or anything, but . . . very uncomfortable sounds just about right!
    And, really, I must say, that was one of the most civil curse-callings I’ve ever read. So, you know, kudos on that.

  2. AAAAAAH, that’s horrible! My hub got his car stolen last year. Good new was they dumped it off in another locale within 24 hours, so I’ll hold thumbs for you. Plus, with TPOTK on your side, it should help!!

  3. I’ll putout any karma I can his or her way. Been there had that happen. Once with the broken window and just last summer we didn’t lock the car in the driveway. They stole my husband’s PRESCRIPTION SUNGLASSES…hope they go blind!

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