Going Green v.1

Newnano Today my plan was to show off my completed Double X Cardie in the gorgeous green Rowanspun DK.  I’ve been wrestling with the finishing of this sweater.  Truth be told, I wrestle with the finishing of most sweaters.  I spend an oddly long time on button bands and collars.  I knit, rip and reknit with wild abandon.

Double X Cardie was no exception.  The collar was made twice three times and the button bands about four times.  I want the last bits to be just right.  Fine up to a point, but then it’s just a fear of commitment. (Guilty)

The elements are now just right and as I went to sew on the buttons I’d bought yesterday, I noticed I’d made seven buttonholes. (Who sees what’s coming next?)  Yes, I bought six buttons.  Seven buttonholes + six buttons = problem.  I bought the last six of this style button in the store, so a quick trip to get another won’t work.  I could try another Joann outpost or just get a different button in the same size.  I’ll worry about it tomorrow.

Excuse me while I throw a tantrum.

So instead of showing you my cute green sweater, I’ll play show and tell with my new, GREEN unstolen iPod nano (8GB baby!).  I LOVED my stolen nano, but this one will grow on me given time.  It’s cute and green and holds more music than I currently own.  Yup, my whole iTunes library fits on my nano.  Freaking amazing.  And yes, that nano is sitting on a Post It note for scale.  Crazy.


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  1. I got myself the blue 8G nano after Christmas and I love it. Naturally, I managed to scratch the screen the second day I had it, but I’m not a big believer in babying my stuff.

  2. yay for a new pod. boo for button mishaps. still, not quite an offset there. think you are still on the yay side.
    p.s. the more scratches an ipod has = the more loved it is. IMHO.
    miss ya.

  3. Yay for your new toy….I’m thinking about requesting a pink one for my birthday! Sorry about the buttons…..I have a project on total hold because I can’t find the right snap tape.

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