XX Tuesday

Xx11_2 Today is SUPER Tuesday here in California.  It’s also Fat Tuesday.  AND also Super Finish Your Sweater Day!

After yesterday’s realization that I knowingly bought 6 buttons and then MADE seven buttonholes, today I went and sought out one more button.  I quickly sewed them on and chased a patch of sunlight around the house trying to get a decent pic for y’all.

This is a basic fitted cardigan shape that I use alot.  I figured the gauge for plain stockinette.  I then got the gauge over the cable pattern.  I figured the whole Xx12 pattern with the plain stockinette gauge and then made a separate calculation averaging the stockinette gauge and the cable gauge and made up patterns for the cabled pieces  (fronts and sleeves).  I just wanted to compare the two numbers and make sure they were reasonable.  For example the plain uncabled sleeve would have me cast on 39 sts and the cabled sleeve called for 49 sts.  Reasonable for a DK gauge.  I just wanted to make sure that an average of the gauges wouldn’t yield me a ginormo sweater.

XxhideIf I could change anything, I think I’d make the body a bit longer, the sleeves a tad shorter and maybe make the armhole depth a tad shorter.  Otherwise it’s fine.  I’ll toss it into a nice bath this afternoon and wetblock it to have the yarn bloom a bit and get more body.  I must confess I only steamblocked it for sewing up.

The buttons are just fake leather buttons from Joann’s.  They’re washable, and leather ones are not.  Clearly I’m not going to remove buttons for washing in this lifetime, and I don’t dry clean unless absolutely necessary.

The cable pattern is Double X Cable, Charted Knitting Designs by B. Walker, page 83.  The yarn is Rowanspun DK, color 736 and I think I used 6 1/2 skeins.  Remember my button debacle, so don’t quote me.

Don’t worry, I’m not distraught in that last picture, the sun’s just in my eyes.

Now go VOTE!

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  1. It looks beautiful–and, you even got sunshine today! Maybe not a lot, but still more than we got.
    Oh, and I can’t vote in primaries–I’m a registered Independent and to vote in primaries in NJ (last time I checked) you need to declare a party. But that’s okay, I’m happy with either Hilary or Obama and I will absolutely be voting in November!!

  2. I love the way that this came out! I’ve been admiring it from afar the entire time you’ve been knitting it.
    One question: why did you take an average gauge instead of calculating each part separately? I’m not asking the question very well, but I’m curious. Wouldn’t that make the whole thing kinda off? Apparently not, as it fits you perfectly.

  3. Lovely sweater, and it looks very nice on you.
    I tend to be a bit compulsive about buttons, and I am always worried I’ll lose one and have to replace all. So I buy one extra. This, of course, means I never lose any and over my lifetime I’ve accumulated a huge box of just single buttons.

  4. Just so you know- I tried to click on the green Super Finish Your Sweater Tuesday to see if it was yet another KAL or something.
    That Sweater Looks Awesome. Congratulations!

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