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Sometimes I just don’t get stuff.  I don’t think I belong to more than two email list groups.  Both are fiber related and I don’t subscribe to any of the email postings.  Today I received an email from one of the list managers to let everyone know that if they use "Grouply" as their email addy they were going to be unsubbed.

I’d never heard of this service and was wondering if they were some crazy terror organization or somesuch, that would get you banned from a knitting related list.  I googled this product and it seems to be some sort of list manager/filter that sorts out the emails that one gets if one subscribes to the email portion of the lists.  Why is this bad???  Personally, if I got so many emails from groups I’d joined, I’d join less groups and not get the emails, but that’s just me.  I fear this may be one of those things I just don’t get, like Facebook.Lilbag

As for crafty pursuits, I made my fabulous new nano a new zippy pouch.  The previous, much loved nano lived in my car’s glovebox where my car stereo iPod player cable thingy was (I’m such a techie).  FYI, the car iPod player thingie is one of my favorite purchases ever.  I kept all the accroutremonts for that nano in a cute little orange zippy bag that got tossed in my flight bag whenever I went travelling.  The vile little thief who stole my nano also stole my cute orange pouch.  Vicious curr!

I decided it would be a nice welcome to the new nano to make it a pouch of it’s own.  I used Lisa’s fab tutorial on her U-handblog for a little zippy pouch.  It’s an easy tutorial to follow and I modified the pouch dimensions to suit my little nano and its accessories.  It probably took all of a half an hour to make the pouch and it’s might adorable.  I may have to make a few more.  It’s the peanut of zippy pouch making, can’t just have one. 


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  1. From what I’ve heard on various lists I’m on about Grouply, is that it then sends annoying invitations (possibly spam also?) to everyone in your address book. On their web site they have an eTrust logo, but in practice everyone seems to be cracking down on it because it seems to cause lots of spam.

  2. I don’t understand the email lists or Facebook, but I’m old and cranky so it’s okay.
    Very cute little bag. I’m so glad you made your nano a home.

  3. That’s so CUTE. I don’t understand Facebook either, NOR email LISTS. They drive me bonkers — too much trash in my inbox. But then again, some people say the same about me and my blog and all the other blogs I read. I guess it’s a “to each her own” kinda thing.

  4. I have never even looked at Facebook, but I have heard a little about Grouply — I think it was in a post on Ravelry somewhere. Apparently it uses your email address to spam everyone else in your list/group.
    Thanks for the zippy pouch link!

  5. My understanding is that Grouply can access all your Yahoo! groups (because you enter your ID and password) so there’s a fear it can mine the email addresses of all other members of that group. Well, that and the spam which it is apparently sending as we speak.

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