How was your day?

Myday The latest training for work has begun in Salt Lake City.  Twelve days here, where I understand it gets cold (!), and I packed pretty much all the wool socks I possess.  Twelve days of anything is a but much, but I have some definite prospects of crashing a local SnB.  Gotta check out that local scene and they’ve been super welcoming to this out of towner.

I’ve also got a cool hotel room with stairs from the little sitting room up to the bed loft.  Cool, no?  And it’s not super cold now and I will assume that this is the standard temperature in these parts.  I don’t need to know if 40’s are an aberration in SLC in February.  Don’t need to know.

For knitting, I brought along my Ariann.  I made one of these cute sweaters already, but I had to give it to my sister because it came out too small.  I looked like a total dork in it and she looks adorable.  Drat! I decided to make another one to actually fit me this time, but since I’d used up all the gorgeous natural brown cormo on my sister’s Ariann, I thought I’d rip out a sweater she’d made me in the elder Bush administration that was pretty, but didn’t get worn.  So I’ve got soft black wool with some sort of sheen, perhaps a blend of some kind?  I ripped, washed and skeined it up and should have enough for the neo Ariann.  It’s only fair that I should use yarn from her sweater to make one for me, dontcha think?

The pix above show the view of San Francisco from the Golden Gate Bridge taken aboard the airport shuttle, sunset over the Great Salt Lake taken from the airplane, the stairs in my hotel room and my sweet Ariann.  What favorite things did you see today?


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  1. 40s are normal this time of year…but they come and go. The weekend should be nice so don’t give up hope…just be ready with your warm sweaters. See you tonight!

  2. That was Crystal Palace Romance, described in the VK Holiday 1990-1991 as “wool/viscose”. Indeed, very fitting for you to use that for your own Ariann. Do you still have the sparkly buttons??

  3. Don’t know if you’ll see this before tonight, but it looks like I’ll be your chauffeur this evening – there’s good sandwiches and salads at the Jitterbug, so I always have my dinner there.

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