Sleeves and snow

Snowww I’m in Salt Lake for another week.  My training is about to become a bit more stressful for this last week.  Luckily my classmates and I found the state liquor store and red wine cures several ills.  I’ve got to get re-certified on every type of aircraft the airline I work for flies. (I’ve been on leave from my job for a few years and the last time I had to know all this info at once was 9 years ago when I started…)  Anywho, there is a bunch of memorization and the old brain needs some short term memory jumpstarting.  If anyone has hints, feel free to let me know.

I’ve been knitting a bit when there’s been time.  I’m working away on Ariann and she seems to be the right size.  Seems is the key word here.  I started the first sleeve and it’s a great Ariannsleeve relaxer after a stressful day.

I also met some local SLC knitters at their weekly gathering courtesy of Miss Margene. (Thanks Margene!)  These knitters are amazingly talented and so incredibly funny!  They may be insane, but I’m not qualified to judge.  Two of the knitters were knitting with Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool and that stuff is super luscious.  Why haven’t I known about this yarn before?  I saw a great many beautiful projects and finally figured out that they are motivated to knit because it snows here!  Yup, it snowed here one day and honestly it’s been a while since I’ve been in a snowstorm – is that even the right term?

Ok, back to studying!  Wish me luck.