Laundry day

Laundry I’m back home from my two weeks of training and all went well.  I was lucky enough to spend time with some of the nicest local Ewe-tah knitters and my training group was awesome too.  Lots of work, got through it and never want to do that again…

How did I know I was home?  Well the massive amount of dirty laundry I brought home with me began crying out for the washing machine.  I may have to do a detergent run.

Knitting-wise, I didn’t get much time to do any more on my Ariann sleeve so an updated picture would be even more boring than a picture of a pile of my dirty uniforms.  Projects I’m keeping in mind for post Ariann knitting: charming Miriam’s newest scarf (IT IS NOW!)that’s not on her website (prod prod) yet, but saw her sample at a SLC knit group.  Rebecca_sweater_2Gorgeous is not praise enough.  She assures me the pattern’s almost ready. (Yay it’s ready)  I’ll be on that one sharpish.

My second idea is using some Tess Microfiber ribbon from the stash to make a version of this Rebecca sweater (mag #29, style #13).  I’ve not swatched with the ribbon to see how the lace bit would look.  I’m also going to make it a hair longer because it’s a mite cropped from my liking.  I’m hoping the ribbon and rib combination will make it slinky and drapey, but not tight.  I’ve used the ribbon yarn in a few projects, but those have been mostly stockinette…perhaps I’ll just end up writing a whole new pattern with this sweater as inspiration after seeing some swatches.

Glad I’m off for a week or so.  Spin cycle, commence!


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  1. Hi Silvia,
    I just wanted to say I saw Claudia last night wearing the Ariann you made her(!) and it is just beautiful (and fits her perfectly). I’m looking forward to seeing your new Ariann modeled here…

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