Reclining dedication

Ariann1_2 After being a knitting slacker for much of my two week confinement for work training, I majorly upped my knitting output this weekend, thank-you-very-much.

If you refer to the enclosed photo, you will see that I completed the two sleeves, attached them to the body and am halfway through the raglan decreases on Ariann.  Step back or you’ll get burned by my crazy hot streak.

The part I’m kind of glossing over is that I’m knitting with reclaimed yarn.  Reclaimed yarn has one million jillion billion smaller lengths that you must splice/knit/scream at.  You end up with a spaghetti junction on the inside that only a Los Angelino freeway enthusiast would approve of.  There are more ends to weave in than if I knit each freaking row with a different color. Sigh.

I just hope this dang thing fits this time or I’m hiding under my bed, dustbunnies and rocks and all.


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