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Sangria One of my friends wears scarves year round.  She’s always cold, even here in northern California.  For some reason just putting on a scarf warms her up.  Consequently, I’ve made her quite a few scarves over the years – and you know I don’t often knit for anyone other then myself.

About five or six years ago I bought some pretty fingering weight soft merino at NYS&W and made a simple feather and fan scarf.  My friend has worn this scarf constantly in the intervening years and now it’s felted and has a hole in it.  Doesn’t matter, she still gets a compliment on it whenever she wears it.  It’s the colors you see, they just seem to match everything so beautifully.

I remembered that the yarn was from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks and thought I’d try to find a similar colorway and came across this sangria.  I opted for the merino/tencel blend since that won’t felt as readily and would knit up nice and drapey.  The yarn was ordered, dyed and arrived in the space of five days.  Wow.  Even better, it’s beautiful.

I’ve got 450 yards of fingering weight merino/tencel and will have to come up with some non-fussy stitch pattern to show off these colors.  Preferably something that doesn’t look like ass on the reverse.  Any ideas?


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  1. Why not “cat’s paw” stich, with garter stitch for the wrong row, with 5mm needles? It’s reversible, and simple enough to keep the beauty of the yarn visible.

  2. My So Called Scarf? Or Swallowtail?
    My coworker wears a scarf every day too. She says it’s the wind (or AC) on her neck that does it. For me, it’s my upper arms. Can’t stand the breeze unless they’re covered.

  3. Not a clue what to knit, but the yarn is a lovely colour. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Hey, wait, maybe “river rock” from No Sheep For You?

  4. Hi Silvia,
    I used Brioche stitch for a scarf recently, also using yarn from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks. It was a different colourway, with muted peach, plum and hunter green. It was probably also a different weight (bulky) so I’m not at all sure the stitch will be as good a choice. The nicest feature was that the different colours played peekaboo: the brioche stitch created raised stitches in some places and you could see another stitch beneath.
    Brioche stitch scarf
    The muted colours really go with everything and are amazing, I’ll have to find more of the dyer’s yarn someday. If you get a chance, let me know where you bought yours — I got mine at Purlescence but didn’t see anything else by the same dyer.

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