Scarfing fun

Scarfie This weekend I go back to work flying around our fair country in a poly/wool blend uniform.  I wanted to have a decent travel project ready because my concentration fades as I get tired and the knitting pays the price with some crazy operator errors.  Interesting, but not complicated is key.

One such project is this scarf for a friend.  I’ve pretty much settled on this reversible cable configuration on 5mm needles.  This Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks merino/tencel blend is SUPER!  I’ve ripped and swatched and ripped and swatched and this yarn is taking it for the team with nary an ill effect.  I tried many different cable configurations and found the matched sets of two going in different directions was most pleasing to my eye.  The larger needle coupled with the sock weight yarn keep this scarf nice and drapey.  I mean it is California afterall, not Siberia.

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  1. That’s a good pattern choice. The yarn looks great. The sun brings out some sheen and brightness in it.
    Good luck on the first weekend back to working and knitting en route.

  2. That’s a great pattern/yarn match. On our flight out to SLC, the flight attendant was knitting in the galley. Mr. E reported this with glee.

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