And so it grows

Scarfnow In an attempt to make my growing scarf project a bit more interesting, I foisted the thing onto the flowering orchid to add some visual interest.  It’s funny though, the pink orchid really brought the pink out of the purple bits.  I don’t think my friend is a big pink wearer, but I do like a colorway that is chameleon-like.  An accessory is indeed meant to accessorize isn’t it?

I’ve been back at work and spotted a knitter on my first day in the field!  The knitter in question was a young man, 20s, casting on for a hat on bamboo dpns.  I admired his work and tried to interest him in drinking the koolaid that is sock knitting as he was quite adept at those dpns.  I dressed it up as "it’s just a hat only skinnier".  I don’t think I convinced him in the time it took for me to pour him a coke though.

I’ve got a few days off and instead of staying home and being a bum (natural inclination mind), I’ve got fun times with friends planned.  It is my birthday tomorrow and if I can’t eat yummy food and fly to Chicago and see a show with Carolyn, when can I?  Sleep is for next week.

Hopefully on tomorrow’s flight to Chicago I can knit on the scarf and show you even more incremental progress.  I’ll try not to forget my camera this time too…


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  1. oh to fly around the world… πŸ™‚
    and I know the feeling I have two sleeves of the minimalist cardigan done, and my dulled mind cannot come up with an interesting way to photograph it, thus the blog post waits πŸ™‚

  2. Any chance you fly with U’re Not Intended To Ever Depart? And to Hawaii? We are heading out in a couple weeks and I wish I were on one of your flights. Have a great time in Chicago and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  3. Happy birthday to you!
    I love your chameleon comment. Good name for a product line of accessories. I’ll expect the sketches on my desk by, um, the day AFTER your birthday, okay?

  4. Hey, what!?? No post on your birthday! Isn’t March the best birthday month!? Celebrate well! Mexican with a beer or champagne and truffles?
    Happy Birthday!!!

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