Capitol my dear


I thought you’d enjoy a bit of spring in today’s post.  I’m enjoying a longish layover in DC and that beautiful blue sky drew me outdoors for some random street photography.  I’ve got a long layover coming up tomorrow so I’ll be able to make some progress on my scarf.  Hopefully enough progress to make it blog worthy.

I hope your sky is blue today!

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  1. I lived in Pennsylvania when I was 13/14, and I visited Washingtown DC. It’s a beautiful town! I’ve read Claudia’s blog before yours, and you know, I’m always laughing when I read your comments!

  2. I so needed to call you today and it was so middle of the night in the US… so I didn’t. I’m sure you’re glad of that!! Heading home tomorrow…all my travel energy is definitely used up, don’t know how i will make it to the airport with my big heavy bags….

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