Velma is not just Scooby’s bitch

Spring1 I finally made it home from my two weeks of constant work.  What awaited me in lovely California?  Trees still in flower and nice warm sunshine.  Good times.

I also found a bit of springy cotton at the fabric store when running an errand.  Just a fraction of a yard each.  What to do with it?  How about the Velma bag from Amy Butler?

Velma It’s really quite an easy project and the purse is a cute little thing.  Will I ever use it?  Probably not, but it’s still a fun exercise.  Especially since I’ve not sewn for what seems like ages.  The fabric is 100% cotton and the lining was from the stash.  I used a snap as a closure instead of velcro because I couldn’t find my velcro supply.

Next sewing project I’d like to make a little summer frock or tunic, but we shall see if I’ve got the time this week.  I’m still trying to think of ways to use up some lemons from the ever producing lemon tree in my friend’s yard.  I’m leaning toward lemon bread today.  Ideas?


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  1. Cute bag! You left another cute one at my house that I swiped for my photog class yesterday. Careful, or you won’t get it back.
    No flowers here.

  2. Lemon Curd? You can spread it on toast and use it for cakes. Or just eat it out of the jar. Not that I’ve ever done that!
    I love the first photo of the back – it looks like the grass is growing out of it!

  3. Lemon bread sounds intriguing. I’m sure you’ll let us know what you ended up doing with those lemons. Isn’t it terrible how work gets in the way of knitting and sewing?

  4. I made lemon meringue out of fresh meyer lemons sent to me from someone in LA (I’m in Idaho). Pie is yummy, but, ummm, (big pucker here) a little tart. Next time I will dilute the juice with water or add a little more sugar. Do you need to alter your recipies if using fresh lemons off the tree?

  5. Nothing beats fresh squeezed lemonade with sugar or honey to taste. Lemon tart is wonderful, too. Recipes with LOTS of lemon juice and zest are best.

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