And the lemon went to…

Lemonblueberrybread_2 The first (and so far only) lemon recipe I used was to make Lemon Blueberry Bread and it’s yummy.  I went overboard on the blueberries.  I used a whole bag of frozen ones and it turns out about half a bag would have done.  Oh well.  No one died from too many delicious blueberries.  Or wasn’t that what did Veruca Salt in, something with the blueberry gum?  No that was Violet Beauregarde.  I digress.

Actually, not too much of a digression.  Speaking of blue, I unearthed some gorgeous Rowan 4 Ply Soft from the stash (and I bought it at Stash funnily enough) and thought I’d work out a sweater project.  I’ve  been hankering for a sweater-size project, rather than just working on my travel scarf project.  Let’s face it, scarves are dull – not matter how pretty.

I love this 4 Ply Soft, despite its being fingering weight.  I tried swatching it in stockinette and that just won’t work.  My stockinette at that small gauge is too lumpy for me to find acceptable.  It won’t block out to be perfect, so no.

LittlethermalI then remembered Thermal by adorable Laura ChauMy sister’s Thermal is so cute and my gauge would work for this pattern.  I saw that it was knit in the round, with is usually my preference, but I’d hoped to make this project somewhat portable.  You must agree, a sweater in the round is not portable.

I swatched, changed the pattern to be knit flat and began a sleeve. My twisted rib was unattractive so I opted to start with 2×2 ribbing.  It may prove to be too similar to the pattern and look funny and have to be ripped and worked as twisted rib, but so far the jury is still out on that.

I’m also adding a tad bit of waist shaping, since I can take advantage of the knitting up flat.  I hope it’s not too much because the thermal pattern does pull in some, but hell why not.  I’ve got the curves, show them off!  Hopefully my half-baked conversion of the pattern to flat will work and the swatch as sleeve method is successful and I shall call this the "Violet Beauregarde Thermal".  Thermal on!


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  1. I am thrilled that you are doing waist shaping. I am going to do a Thermal and want to do some waist shaping, too. Are you going to do the ribbing or something else for the body?

  2. If you are doing waist shaping, perhaps the bottom ribbing on the body part has to be cast on with more stitches so it won’t pull in on the hips so much. You could always decrease after the ribbing to the pattern amount.

  3. I like your ideas for the blue Thermal. Progress photos when you get a moment?
    I always succumb to temptation and throw a whole bag of blueberries in when baking, too, and feel silly after but glad nonetheless. Yum.

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