Now smaller than ever!

Newlittleguy No, I’m not smaller than ever (though I am getting a haircut tomorrow).  My little travel laptop has arrived and has been played with and fondled.

I wanted a small, light laptop for travelling.  I have a very super Dell Inspiron that has a lovely display and keyboard that is perfect for my home needs.  Unfortunately, it’s also a bit heavy and big for travelling every day.

I researched ultralight portables on CNET and Notebookreview and found that the Dell M1330 and Lenovo Thinkpad X61 were highly regarded and just what I wanted.  The Thinkpad is REALLY smally and light (3 lbs) and would have been perfect for me, but it’s also rather pricey.  I opted for my Dell M1330 which is slightly heavier and a tad bigger, but is significantly less $$.  I got this configuration, which is rather more than I needed but was on a great sale.  The most important thing I wanted was the addition of a full warranty and damage/theft protection.  I can just see me pouring my coffee on the poor little thing.

I also looked at refurbished models but my deal at Dell was comparable with the refurbished models.  If you’re looking for a small model and aren’t travelling everyday, you would be able to find a really well priced selection out there on the web.

If anyone wonders why I didn’t get a MacBook, it’s because all the proprietary software my employer uses isn’t supported with that OS.  I know some of it does work and other programs don’t and I didn’t want to chance it.  That MacBook Air was certainly tempting.

My new laptop came with a very serviceable black sleeve, but I found this pretty little carrier in a magazine.  It’s felt and very easy to customize for my laptop.  I’ll put that project on the todo list.

Tomorrow will have knitting featured!  Promise.


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  1. I have always been a Mac fan, but they’re a lot too expensive for me actually. My old PC will probably not last for a very long time now, and I’m thinking about bying a new computer I can take with me everywhere I need, with my internet connection (Orange gives the possibility to have internet and an internet key). My cousin told me the best ones actually were from Toshiba, and that’s what my parents gave to my 2 daughters as christmas presents, but they are HEAVY!

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