Just in time for summer…

Sleeve1 I’ve been working the sleeve/extended swatch of my flat Thermal version and all seems to be going well.  My cuff ribbing pulls in rather alot, but it’s super stretchy and easily wraps around my wrist.  That sounds like a success there.

The Rowan 4 Ply Soft is a soft sproingy yarn that’s a treat with which to knit.  Of course it’s still fingering weight which makes it not so perfect, but whatever.  I’m using up stash baybee.  I knit that whole sleeve bit in the photo with one skein of 4 Ply which is rather impressive to me for some reason.  I shall somehow manage to shove this project into my suitcase for travel to work tomorrow since I’ll be gone for two weeks and hope to make some progress in all that time.  Perhaps colder weather back east will motivate me since it’s going to be 80 degrees out here.

Lemoncake1 Other than a bit of knitting, I managed to use up the rest of the crazy tree meyer lemons from last week’s harvest.  This time I found a recipe for Lemon Cake from The Barefoot Contessa.  Her recipes are usually delicious and decidedly full of butter and yumminess.  This cake recipe is superior for it’s use of glazes.  Unlike some recipes, this one has you make a lemon juice/sugar syrup to spoon over the hot cake THEN makes an icing with lemon juice and powdered sugar for the cool cake. Double lemon yumminess in one go.  It’s a superior lemon cake and the recipe was found here.  The only mod I made was to halve the recipe as I’ve no need for the TWO cakes it makes.  Well, my junk in the trunk has no need for two cakes I should say.

As an aside, does anyone know why the knitting rings are now completely annoying with some new software/format/procedure thingy?  One must now reregister and jump through hoops in order to surf while viewing their dumb banner on top of blogs.  That may be too annoying for me to stomach.  Anyone know?


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  1. i love that cake recipe. except that i have somehow convinced myself that the extra work involved in the added lemon syrup step justifies making (and eating) the second cake as well. not pretty.

  2. one I think that lemon bread might be calling out for some of that lemon curd I brought home… yes that and financiers might be made 🙂
    and if you are in the hood let me know, drink on me! hehehe.

  3. That cake DOES look good. And the knitting webrings? I have no idea. I confess that I haven’t scrolled wheeled my way around ANY of the webrings I’m part of in months and months. I’d drop out altogether if it wasn’t so much work. (And, as it is, I’m not sure that the transfer from old-blog to new-blog-hosting brought the links along anyway….)

  4. Oh, what I wouldn’t do for a piece of that cake (or two or three) RIGHT NOW!!! I don’t have that cookbook, and I’m sorely tempted. But maybe it’s not such a good idea after all. As it is, even with all the working out, my skirts are feeling quite tight these days.
    I never surf the knit rings, so I have no idea about the changes. I should probably take the code off my page, even.

  5. The cakes looks absolutely yummy. I’m gonna have to try that one.
    About the web rings, I received an email a few months ago and it said if I didn’t correct some link i’d be removed from the ring. I never bothered and I assume I’mout. I’m ok with that, hadn’t even bothered to check. Whatev.

  6. Oh, good god. Between you and your sister … both of you have now reminded me of yarns I have in stash that would work well for projects I want to knit. (The Rowan/Thermal and hemp/Eiffel).
    Dangerous beasts, you two. Inspiring, but dangerous.

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