Good is the new bad

Igandsleeve The good news is that my flat version of Thermal sleeve/extended swatch is looking good (see how impressed Igor is).  The flattened pattern is behaving well and I’m not too alarmed by the Thermal fabric pulling in (it is essentially 2×2 rib afterall).

The bad news is that I left the only hard copy of my cryptic pattern on the airplane last weekend while commuting in to work.  I only realized it when I got to my apartment and by then the airplane trash was in some dumpster on Staten Island.  ARGH!

The good news is that I have my flat version of the pattern on my computer and can print off another copy.

The bad news is that my computer is at home (in California) and I won’t be home for about 2 weeks.  Sigh.

I’m going to try to recreate the pattern and save it on my travel laptop and then email it to every email account I have so this won’t happen again.  I have learned my lesson though, so I guess if I squint and try not to throw it, that’s the upside.

Party on Wayne!


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  1. Oh noooo. That stinks that you lost your pattern. I hope you can figure it out so that you can continue to knit instead of having to wait till you get home.

  2. Well, your brain has followed the path before — can you just press a button (try your nose?) and get your fingers to re-type?
    The yarn looks beautiful in the thermally stitch.

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