Breezy times

Gulfbreeze Today’s layover eye candy is courtesy of Gulf Breeze, Florida.  I don’t know much about where I am though.  I know my view is gorgeous and the weather is perfectly warm, no clouds with a slight breeze.  Ideal really.  I gathered from the airport signs that there is a big air base here and it’s the home of the Blue Angels (who are amazing if you’ve ever seen them live).

Our hotel Toucanin Gulf Breeze is just fine, but what I’ll remember most fondly is the world’s best bedspread print.  Check it out!  Toucans?  Parrots?  Oh my!  I got a good night’s sleep tucked under these covers, so it’s fabulousness is no impediment to a good snooze. 

Here’s wishing you cloudless skies, toucans and gentle ocean breezes.


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  1. Pensicola! I was stationed at Tyndall, in Panama City. The Blue Angels is the Navy’s performance team, counterpart to the USAF’s Thunderbirds. They rock!

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