Knitting travails

Latestsleeves Ok, I LOST my knitting pattern AGAIN for my flat Thermal!  Again people!  Yes, the dork club called and they’ve fast tracked me for membership.

Of course since I lost the pattern two weeks ago and had to recreate it from my less than stellar memory, I DID make lots of copies and saved it on every computer to which I have access.  I even emailed it to myself on three different accounts.

So no worries, I pull out my laptop to get the gist of the sleeve (it is JUST a sleeve afterall – not a hard bit).  Ok check, increase every 9 rows.  NeedletragedyPulled out the knitting and gird yourself people, the knitting needle is now BROKEN!  Apparently crushing my knitting into my suitcase and then flying off to about 17 states in 5 days is not the recommended care for a bamboo circ.   YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED PEOPLE!

So teeth gritted and soldiering on, I bought a new METAL Addi Turbo upon returning from said trip, reprinted THREE copies of the pattern and secreted them about my luggage and am now about to decrease for the sleeve cap on sleeve #2.  Deep cleansing breath everyone.

Happy thoughts…Maryland is approaching!  There’s even a cute new logo this year! Yay!  With some very creative swapping for absolutely crap trips I have the weekend off to go!  Yay! Yay!  At least then you’ll have some sheepy pix and fibery shots to look forward to.  Let’s face it, sleeve pix are not the knitting porn we so enjoy.

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  1. Well, what you have so far looks great! It seems with all the bad knitting luck you’ve had, you should be in for some good. I envy you the good luck of getting to go to Maryland!

  2. Well, none of my Addi’s have actually broken, but they do bend pretty easily. Of course, you travel a lot more than I do, so you have a shot at actual decapitation!

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