Memorable Maryland

Slippers If you read my sister’s blog you’ll know that this Maryland S&W had a few twists and turns.  Claudia and I had fun on Saturday hanging out with friends and buying not so much.  My big purchase was a pair of Shepherd’s Flock shearling slippers.  They’re heavenly!

After a yummy pho dinner on Saturday night, we were relaxing in the hotel and Claudia’s hub called to say he’d had an accident and had broken his ankle.  Said ankle was being surgically pinned together the next morning – in New Hampshire.

Action stations were immediately taken (cell phone-wise) by your favorite fiber sisters and while my sister got the medical information, I managed to get my sister on the first flight back to Boston at the ass crack of dawn.  She is so NOT a morning person.

Sheepie1 Good news is BIL’s ankle is well repaired and should heal to 100%, bad news is Claudia was fretting about her massively fabulous Multiple Sclerosis Bike Ride!  Obviously BIL will not be able to pilot the tandem and Claudia is…how shall we say…not so good with the sight and depth perception so solo riding is out of the question.  Family veto is firmly in place.

I ASSURED her that people don’t donate to her ride because she actually rides a tandem bicycle 150 miles, but because it’s an IMPORTANT cause.  Did you know that knitters have made her the #1 individual fund-raiser in the New England Region and she was going to wear the #1 as her race number this year????!!!!  I know!  Awesome.

So I’m going to hope/wish/pray that this year’s MS Ride fund-raiser is still going to blow the MS Society’s doors off!  Maybe we should call this year’s fund-raiser the "Bone Knitters Tour 2008"?  Can anyone make a bicycley/Grateful Deady/bone-like button/logo to get the ball rolling?  I’ll try but my skillz are so not mad.  I think the prize parade sneak preview starts on Claudia’s blog tomorrow…


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  1. I love Maryland! I used to spend summers there with my grandmother, who, incidentally, taught me to knit, crochet, sew and numerous other things. And, whereas, we get to experience sunset on the beach in California, you get to watch the sunrise on the beach in Maryland. Ain’t America grand?

  2. Oh, no! I hadn’t even thought about the BIL and the bikeathon. Sheesh. Can she wear a #1 anyway, just on principle (without racing)?

  3. i have a bone button on my blog that someone could adapt for this. it was originally made to support laurie and mr. etherknitter when his leg refused to heal properly for awhile.
    and she has a picture of the crocheted bone i made for them. she might even still have the bone.

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