Thermal backslide

Thermal1 As you may recall, I’ve been working on Thermal, the flat version with waist shaping.  I knit the waist shaping based upon my crackerjack calculations and decided that while I think the increases from waist to underarm are fine, the waist shaping is waaaaayyyy to curvy and will pooch when sewn up.  ARGH!Theafter

I got out a top that fits me like I’d want Thermal to fit and it confirmed what I already suspected.  The hip part of the sweater was too curvy.  Nope, can’t delude myself any further.  I new I must rip.  Sigh.

Here’s the after shot.  A mere nubbin of it’s former self.  I’ve recalculated a more gradual hip shaping that looks more like the tee’s shaping and will continue on with great intestinal fortitude.

And because I know that sometime (soon) I will be done with Thermal, I picked my next project.  I thought Apres Surf in the latest Interweave was just perfect for me.  I even scored some yarn on ebay for this project.  Don’t worry, I’ve brought Thermal on the road with me this month and Surf is home aging in it’s corner until it’s time to swatch.  I’m weak and don’t need the temptation.


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  1. wow, there’s been some trials and tribulations with this knit for you. i’m sure it’ll fit you like a glove when you’re done with it. That morning surf sure looks cozy and light.

  2. Well, Thermal is certainly giving you its share of trouble! Both the hoodie *and* Thermal are super-favorite patterns that I want to make myself…
    …so I won’t tell if you do a little swatching or something. 🙂

  3. I LOVE that apres surf pattern, it is also in my queue!! Just the motivation you need to complete your Thermal. sorry about the frogging, but good work on forging ahead!

  4. Not nearly curvy enough for me! I know what you mean, though — definitely worth ripping. It’s going to be perfectly lovely when you finish.

  5. Sorry for Thermal!
    I like the Après surf hoodie, except the rolled bottom. I recently made that sort of bottom, and it rolls too much when my daughter wears it…If I had to do it again, I would probably knit 4 rows of garter stich…

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