How can progress be this dull?

just a sweater, not a baby I've been knitting away to recoup the last big rip on the back of Thermal.  Remember, I ripped back to the ribbing?  I've been knitting away and it's been mostly public knitting since I've been working like mad since the 9th.  I've found that knitting a light blue thing in public brings a great many comments about when my baby is due.  Uh, not so much buddy.  I'll be on the treadmill on my next layover STAT!

Other than knitting for my pretend baby/fat ass, the good news is that ripping seems to be worth the effort.  The new and improved hip and waist shaping was much more successful the second time around.  I'm quite happy about the new shapes of the curves and they'll do much better than the more severe effort in version #1.  Much easier to rip than use my health insurance for a plastic surgery redo.  Much less painful too.


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  1. Silvia, people are just stupid, don’t pay any attention to them. From the photos I have seen on the blog you look great!
    PS The thermal is looking good.

  2. It’s more your age than your [excellent] figure, Sil. *I* am totally safe knitting baby blue or pastel pink: too young to be a grandmother, too old to be a new mom. Of course, Grasshopper, you will probably look way younger than you are for decades so get used to it!

  3. I’m sure they couldn’t have been referring to your figure, just that it looks like a baby blanket. You have nothing to worry about! Lovely knitting 🙂

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