Yay for armpits!

Armpits Who knew I'd get so excited about armpits?  Not me.

Yes indeed, I've begun the armhole decreases on the back of my Thermal and feel like I'm finally going to finish this monster back.

I know I still need to knit the front piece, but it's got a nice deep scooped neckline, so it's much less knitting.  At least in my mind.

I was sorely tempted to swatch for my next project.  I've had the yarn at the ready for Apres Surf for several weeks, but when I went to find my size 2.75mm needles, I realized that I was using them for Thermal.  Psych!  I can't swatch until I finish my current project.  It's like forced monogamy.  Maybe I can rustle up some double points for a quickie.


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  1. Do not listen to Margene. She’s an evil temptress. She’s have you spindling next if you’re not careful.
    Your Thermal is looking good. I was just thinking about that pattern the other day. Maybe this fall I’ll break down and do it.

  2. Snork! Walk on the wild side, Sil, buy another set of needles. I doubt Thermal will make a fuss. I mean, Thermal’s probably thinking, “Cool, more friends to snuggle with in the drawer!”

  3. I’m all about quickies, or I would never finish anything. However, I’m not one to give very good advice as my Thermal has been in the basket for a little too long!

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