Dang it’s hot

New-front I am in between two three day trips today and with the exception of the ever gorgeous San Diego, every place I've been lately has been hot and humid.  It must be summer.  I forgot how much I didn't like it.  Cranky is as cranky does.

I've also noticed a huge surge in knitters on my flights for the past few days.  I like to politely ask what they're making in a fellow knitter, atta boy kind of way.  I didn't really think too much about it until one flying knitter reminded me that they were all converging on Columbus, OH for TNNA.  Ah!  It becomes clear.  Everyone was making nice things with the possible exception of the gal knitting a poncho.  I quickly schooled my expression when this flying knitter informed me of her poncho Back intention and I hope my response of "cool" didn't betray my dismay.

Not only have I been grilling the flying knitters of America, I've been knitting on my own project.  The back of Thermal is finally done and the front is underway.  I had to confess to my sister the other day that after finishing the back of Thermal, I counted the balls of yarn I had left and wasn't going to have enough.  After her valid response of "AGAIN!" I told her I had it sorted already.  Despite buying my yarn about 2 years ago at Stash in Berkeley, I found the same dyelot at Knitterly in Petaluma.  Apparently Rowan has huge dyelots and this 4 Ply Soft is plentiful.  Yay.  I bought two balls to make sure I'd have enough and knit wildly on.

See how nicely the fabulous couch in my hotel room models the pieces of Thermal?  I think I can deem the Hyatt chain knit friendly.  Comfy room couches, flat screen tv, efficient air conditioning and beer.  If it wasn't 102 with the heat index it would be heaven.

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  1. Your Thermal DOES look nice with your hotel decor. Did you pick the hotels especially with that in mind?
    And, I agree with you about the heat. Ick!

  2. it’s hot and humid as crap here either. i am completely opposed to turning on the air conditioner this early in the season but everything in my apartment is dripping wet.

  3. You crack me up with the poncho comment. I wouldn’t have been able to control myself and probably would’ve blurted out a bad comment.

  4. It looks great–not quite so Marilyn Monroe curvy as last time!
    I just knit cookie a’s German Stockings with that yarn–it’s glorious! and it hasn’t been pilling at all, which I was worried about.

  5. Bonjour Silvia!
    Here, it’s stormy, and humid, but not that hot for the season!
    You’ve been lucky with your dye lot! That sort of things does not happen very often!

  6. the grass is always greener, i suppose … here in oregon, we’re deep into “june-uary” – it was 40 degrees when i walked to work this morning. boo.

  7. I flew on your airline this weekend to go to TNNA and I kept an eye out for you. I wanted to ask all the attendants if they knew Silvia who knitted, but I restrained myself.

  8. Dang, girl, you’ve got to do better with that yarn shortage thing! 🙂 Good for you though that you were able to find more of the same dyelot even. The Knitting Goddesses must be smiling down on you!

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