There is much heat

Summer-dress If there is radio silence here on the blog it usually means I'm working.  Crafting is usually minimal on those trips as a legal night's rest is 9 hours.  It's usually more, but not by much.  Attempting to knit under these conditions usually brings about some bonehead error.  One such error was found on the front of Thermal while flying home at the end of a six day work stretch.  It was only about 2" down and quickly ripped and redone.  Must be more careful.

My current crafting is all about sewing.  Because it's hot everywhere in the whole country and I have limited outfit space in my suitcase, I like to bring a knit dress with me on trips to wear out to dinner or what have you.  My favorite is about 2 years old from Target and is black knit.  I'd like to have another go to dress in my arsenal so I'm sewing one up.  I found 2.5 yards of nice cotton Lycra at Joann's for the dress idea bouncing around my head.  I made a quick sketch and started looking through the pattern books.

Unfortunately I couldn't find what I was looking for.  I found something close to start with and am altering the pattern to suit my ideas.  As you can hopefully see in my messy sketch, I want a simple round neck with the pleat detail, an elastic waistband, a slight blouson bodice and a bit of an A line skirt.  New Look 6803 has the neckline and basic shape I can start with.  I added 1.5" length above the waist to add 3/4" of blouson.  I then slashed and spread from the hem up adding 3" of fullness to the hem.  I then straightened the slight side shaping and brought the side out 1".  Hopefully that will give me the silhouette I'm shooting for without adding too much fullness.  I'm not after a square dance skirt after all.  I'm starting the sewing up today, so I shall soon see how my plans are faring.

Dindin Food idea for a hot day you ask?  Well pretend you did.  I made a sweet potato salad yesterday that was super yummy.  I used a Moosewood cookbook recipe where I steamed 2 garnet yams cut into 1/2" cubes for 6 minutes (sweet potatoes are out of season apparently).  I diced one red pepper and 3 stalks celery, added the warm (not hot) yams to the bowl.  Made some dijon/honey/red wine vinegar dressing and tossed.  Added one thinly sliced green onion and salt and pepper.  Yum!  Green salad on the side and a nice cab in the glass.  Bliss.