A rather Bronte Rochester


This layover eye candy is courtesy of Rochester, NY at sundown with gathering storm clouds.  Looking pretty.  It's raining and thundering now, so the promise of those clouds has come to fruition.

Enjoy the view.


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  1. You had a layover here? Wish I had known. Of course, it looks like it was on a Sunday and not a decent knit store open then, huh? Yep, it rained. All night in fact. I hope you got out on time.

  2. Oh, and I know where you took that shot. For the life of me I can’t remember the name of the hotel. It has changed names so many times that I refer to it as the hotel by the closed revolving restaurant on State St. I live in the burbs of Rochacha, about 20 minutes from where you are. But then again we say that everything is 20 minutes away!

  3. It looks totally different from how I’d imagined. Thanks for the travel photo! Do you have to pack a bit of everything in terms of weather gear when you fly all over like that?

  4. damn clouds – those are the ones that messed with my attempts to get home to ROC from SFO on Mon. Tues was no problem, though by that time I left from OAK. Good thing I’m flexible 😉

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