Hot and bothered

Fitted-bodice-attemptMy fingers were aching a bit the past week or so and after going all hypochondriac and imagining all the diseases I possibly contracted, I figured out it was too much knitting on size 1 needles.  Apparently I clutch those needles with a death grip.

I started a new sewing project in an effort to not knit on my Thermal (and because I like sewing).  That works.  I also thought I'd swatch a project on bigger needles.  My next project should be Apres Surf Hoodie, but that knits up on size 1s or 2s also and won't alleviate hand pain.  I decided to unearth my supply of apple green Tess Microfiber Ribbon and see if it would work as a Simple Fitted Bodice.

I get gauge of 20 sts/4" on size 8 needles and that doesn't seem to bug my fingers.  I found that my bust measurement falls between two sizes of the SFB pattern and I'll need to calculate my own personal size.  Dang.  It's just an easy top down sweater so it's not too hard to do the math, just annoying.  I'll just write my own pattern and add the lace bit in the midsection.  Hopefully that won't look heinous in the ribbon yarn, but I'm willing to rip it all out if it does.  I'd cross my fingers but they're kind of sore.

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  1. Eat more salt and your bust will increase and you can simply knit the larger size. Works for me!
    I had the finger-cramping-from-tiny-ndls thang when I was doing production knitting. I found that if I worked with larger needles, even for just twenty minutes, it would usually ease the cramp. Since you pushed, you’ll have to recover first, but henceforth you might want to have a large needle project to work on before bed, rather like doing a little yoga after a run?
    Remember to breathe and also, check your wrist angle. Next time you’re at your sister’s, maybeb she could watch you knit with the tiny sticks and see if you’ve developed a Bad Habit in terms of grip or posture?
    Best of luck!!!!!
    Love the glam ribbon.

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