Fruity chicken

Chix I made some chicken salad today that is so darn yummy I had to go all Martha Stewart on you and share the recipe.  I know!  I'm turning into Betty White's character on the Mary Tyler Moore Show.  Just call me Sue Ann

I used this recipe for chicken salad with grapes and apples.  It's low fat, spicy and delicious.  I eat it with homemade multigrain bread

Download multigrain_bread.pdf

 and feel thoroughly pleased with myself.  Party on Garth!


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  1. I make a chicken salad like that for volleyball tournaments. A few different things you can use are craisins, poppy seeds, some ginger, almond slivers, diced pear, jonagold, or granny smith apples you can also try different types of mustard, just a bit, not too much. You wouldn’t want all of those at once, obviously, but they all work. It is really simple to cook your own chicken for it as well. I just poach boneless, skinless chicken breasts, in stock for an hour or two. (I start with the breasts frozen, so that adds quite a bit of time to the process.)

  2. Here, the weather finally turned to “very hot”, and I’ll probably cook a lot of different salads during summer! I’ll try this one!
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