Smoke floats

Smoky-sky My lovely sister Claudia and the fabulous Michele will ride in the MS Ride TOMORROW!  They’ve raised an awesome amount of money to fight MS and if you’ve been meaning to donate, please do so.  Every $10 gets you one raffle chance.  Good cause.  Good prizes.  Great people.

I have no crafting to show you.  I worked six days in a row with minimal rest – it’s summer and every flight is full.  That means no knitting, just sleeping on layovers.  I’ve also learned not to knit on the flight home (I work 2000 miles from SF) because I’m usually so sleepy I make hideous mistakes in even the simplest projects.

What I did do was watch two episodes of John Adams on the plane.  Why didn’t I know about how AWESOME this miniseries is?  I also sat next to the nicest couple coming to SF who are taking a seminar to start the adoption process.  They were the nicest, most genuine people and were so freaking excited to start the year long process.  They needed tips on where to go and where to eat in the bayarea and heaven knows I know where things are.  They made me happy.

I came home to find my beautiful California on fire.  That photo is what the sky looks like.  It’s not blue because of the smoke.  The sun is now orange through the haze.  Apparently they can see the huge smoke cloud from space.  Not good.  This does not make me happy.

Remember to donate to my sister’s MS Ride if you can!  Thanks!


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  1. Nothing like having our beloved state on fire, is there? It looks foggy here in the evening. Then you go outside and realize what it is.
    I hope you can find a cool breeze to take away some of that smoke, Sil. Happy Weekend! ♥

  2. It’s too bad about the fires! I was in Pasadena once when there were a lot of fires, and the sunsets were so eerie with such a brilliant orange sky.

  3. I really enjoyed John Adams – it surprised me how much. Paul Giamatti is fantastic. The lack of date-stamping things got a little annoying, but I think they took some liberties in the storytelling so they couldn’t be too tied to dates. All in all, a nice alternative to much of what’s on tv now.
    Please stay safe in your fiery state!

  4. I read in a British newspaper that the government in California is considering cloud-seeding to get the rains going. In the mean time, stay safe.

  5. The sunsets from my house near Napa have been awsome. The sun is so red and so clouded by smoke you can look right at it. I love to fly because one meets wicked nice people. Six months ago I sat next to a nice fella who just adopted four siblings from Nairobi with his wife. Hope you get some rest soon!

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