New-green Typepad just ate my post, so this one will be shorter and unlinked…

I’ve been working on my alternate project from tiny needled Thermal.  I’ve started Simple Knitted Bodice from some ribbon yarn from the garage stash.  So far so good, but I did have to rejigger the pattern for my 35″ bust.  The pattern has the big boobie spreads and 35″ is not covered in any of them. Annoying.

Out came Knitting From the Top and my trusty calculator and this is the result.  I’ve got the sleeves on waste yarn but am still making the deep V-neck.  Standard increasing rates don’t apply.

The size small covered 32 to 34″ and the medium 36 to 38″.  Doesn’t that seem like a gigantic spread on a fitted garment?  No worries, pattern writing isn’t brain surgery, especially if it’s a matter of rejiggering topdown numbers.  I’m glad it fits so far and am looking forward to the pretty chevron bit under those 35″ boobies.

So much boobie talk for a non porn site…


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  1. ha, I feel your pain! I am also 35 inches around in that area……such a sad, in-between size. Nice job doing the math, though, sometimes I just get lazy with all that. Looks like it is working out nicely.

  2. wow the SKB will be pretty interesting in that green. FYI, mine ran very big eventhough I though I was picking a size smaller than what I really needed since I had heard that on boards somewhere. It’s a good thing you are calculating your own size so you can avoid that mishap I had with mine.

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