Off line

Front-thermal Rather maddeningly, the cable modem died at the house the other day.  Oh well, it was at least 2 years old and I’m told that that is a reasonable lifespan for such a device.  Silly, but there you are.  I dutifully purchased another modem and set it up, called the cable company (heretofore referred to as “motherfuckers”) to have them activate the new MAC address.  Sounds simple right?  Well that was 7/1 and it’s now 7/3 and bupkiss.  They’ve got a “higher level” of support working on this “problem”.  Sigh.  I’m annoyed.  I checked to see if I could get Verizon FIOS, and no – not yet available.

Pyrex-uh-oh Luckily it’s a holiday so I had to go to work.  No holidays off for me, but work means hotel rooms with wireless internet.  Yay!  I can bore you with all the chores I did in lieu of not surfing the internet to emailing friends.

  • There was car maintenance. No photos, so sorry as it’s just too boring.
  • There was much cooking. I broke a pyrex after broiling some marinated tofu. Oops.
  • Vacuuming, ditto the boring.
  • Wtf Stalking drivers with stupid things written on their cars. Photo evidence: gang-style stick on lettering proclaiming “Hot Moma”. I shit you not. Either the car owner is EXTREMELY into modern art, or can’t spell worth shite and let us all in on their shameful secret with auto stick on lettering. Too bad car windows don’t have spellcheck.
  • Knitting progress – Thermal front almost has one should done. Almost.

Have a beautiful 4th and don’t set anything on fire.

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  1. What so you want to bet she has “Hot Moma” tattooed somewhere? Body art? Yes! Ridiculous statements that are incorrectly spelled? No!

  2. Good to know I’m not the only one who refers to them as the motherfuckers. If you ever beat them into submission I’d love to hear about how you managed it.
    Hot Moma. Maybe the air conditioning broke down at the museum and it’s just to let us all know?

  3. Don’t let the muthafuckers get you down. Hope your internet is up soon! Good job on the thermal. Mine is still in the basket….*shame* LOL.

  4. Hello from Provence! It’ pretty hot here too, but hopefully, no fires yet! I saw pics of california on TV; it’s so sad! I hope your family is not concerned!

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