Cable me this


The cable company tech “experts” called to say they couldn’t help.

The cable company sent a service person out to the house today to fix my problem.

He did what I’d done several times and called to have them activate my new modem and it worked.


I did the same thing like three times and NADA!  Apparently he must have access to better reps than I did.

Final tally – 10 days to fix the problem.  I hope FIOS is available in my area soon.

I used my copious internet surfing time to knit.  I’ve finished the knitting of the body pieces of my Thermal.  I’ve sewed the shoulders together and am planning to knit the neck and keyhole bands separately and sew them in place.  I want to use the beautiful tubular cast on edge for those bands and it really only looks spectacular as tubular cast on.  Tubular cast off looks ok, but not great.  I don’t mind sewing, so that’s my plan for the neckbands.  When I conquer those neckbands, I’ll sew in the sleeves and I’ll be pretty much done with this lovely sweater.  I still need to see how it fits.  I think I made it kind of long in the body.  At least my ass crack won’t show in lowrise pants.  It’s also 100 degrees outside and it’s pretty hard to remember that I’ll need a sweater, ever.


Because my flat Thermal got too large to travel with, I picked up some socks that needed finishing.

I finished one of my Lana Grossa Meilenweit Party #5562 Wine Twist socks. Yes, you read correctly, only one was made.  Yet I have two feet.  I’ll get to it.

I was distracted by wanting to knit up the crazy pink and black sock yarn sitting in my basket.  It’s so much louder than the very nice Meilenweit yarn.  This loud pink yarn is Gypsy Girl Creations superwash sock yarn in the Angela colorway.  I think it’s more like Good & Plenty colorway, but I don’t know Angela.

I tried several stitch patterns with this Good & Plenty yarn, but the only one that looked ok was plain old stockinette.  I deciced to make a nice fitted sock since it’s stockinette not ribbed.  I started with 64 stitches for the ribbing and decreased down to 56 stitches by the time the ankle rounds happened.  It fits me very well like that and will certainly keep me awake when I glance at them.  Louder is better in the sock arena, no?


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  1. Wow, that’s crazy that once the cable guy came out, the modem is working now. I’m glad that the internet is yours to surf again.
    I like both socks you have on the go The Good ‘N Plenty sock is bright!

  2. Welcome back on line! I go through that a lot – try something over and over, doesn’t work. Then either someone else tries it or I try again in front of them – and it’s fine. It happened yesterday – in front of my boss. Oy.

  3. Loud is better with socks!
    When knitting a sweater this time of year it IS hard to remember you’ll need one again. Thermal is looking great and asscrack coverage is a good thing. 😉

  4. It is a fact that only 1 in 3 IT guys know what they are doing. Cable guy probably knows which guy that is and asked for him or dialed his extension dirrctly. At least it is fixed. Yay! I like the good and plenty sock. Of course, my husband claims I like anything loud and colourful, so I’m not sure if that is a good thing…

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