Work a plenty

Loud-pinkies When my work schedule increases, my knitting progress decreases.

I’ve been working quite a bit and still managed to finish one Good & Plenty sock and start the next one.  I like the way the yarn colors pool differently with the decreasing stitch count.  I start these socks with 64 stitches and decrease one stitch every 7 rows or so.  The striping goes a bit wonky at about 60 stitches.  I like the wonky bit, so I’m not bothered.

See not much knitting.  I’ve left my Thermal at home since I’m on the road for another week and just don’t have room for all the underwear I need for a long trip and an almost completed sweater.  I guess I’ll just have to surf some knitting patterns to get my fix when I can’t knit.  Ravelry or bust!


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