Deep in the heart of it

Texas Today’s layover shot is from less than scenic view from my north Dallas hotel.  I just get a kick out of the pickups lounging in the shade.  It’s 103 degrees out there.  At least the sky is blue, which is more than I can say about our smoky sky at home.

The good – today I got my schedule for next month’s trips and I was oddly lucky and got two international trips.  Any easy fun things to do/see/eat/buy in Manchester or Limerick?  Remember I’ve got no car, one day and useless worthless US dollars.  Good times.

The badish – the Lehrer News Hour indepth analysis was on the airline industry tonight and their guest calculated that each passenger represents a $60 loss for an airline.  EACH WAY!  Nice.  To make myself feel better, I blew off my planned workout and ate brisket tacos from Blue Goose Cantina.  Freaking delish!

One more workday and then I’ve got a week off!  I promise to have knitting to share then.

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  1. I’m your local Manchester gal, so it depends on where you’ll be and what you want to do! If you’ll be in Manchester itself, there is plenty to do in terms of art galleries and shopping (even if it’s only of the window variety).
    If they don’t let you out of the airport, you should know it’s not actually in Manchester itself, but some way out.
    Feel free to email with any questions. It’ll probably be cold, if June and July are anything to go by!

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