Good & Done

Done-pinkies My little stockinette Good & Plenty socks are done!  Yay!

Just in time for the next heatwave, I managed to finish up these little cuties.  I used the basic sock recipe that fits my tiny little Barney Rubble feet.  I started out with 64 stitches for the ribbing, then starting decreasing 1 stitch every 7ish rows eight times to 56 stitches.  I used the shortrow heels an toes and also increased 2 stitches 2 times about 7 rows after turning the heel to get 60 stitches for the Barney Rubble-est part of my footsies.  Nothing special, stockinette top down with ribbing.  I cleaned out my sock drawer and got rid of some oldies to make room for the Good & Plenty newbies.

Yay for new socks!


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