Errands are fun

Sf mosaic

Because the finishing of my Thermal is taking so freaking LOOOONNNGGGG, I will entertain you with random snaps I took around San Francisco yesterday while doing my errands.  I must apologize if you were one of the tourists I shoved off the sidewalks yesterday (well not quite).  We love our tourists in SF, but you people walk like you’ve got nowhere to go – EVAH!  I know I should be nicer since you’ve only got a week or so to drink in the most beautiful city in the world, but walk with purpose folks.  Or at least don’t take up the whole sidewalk.

Also I wish I could have taken photos of the young, urban teen girls downtown.  They ALL were sporting rainbow accessories – wtf?  Rainbow leg warmers, rainbow belts, necklaces, headbands, bags.  I guess my new rainbow strap holding my overstuffed suitcase tightly shut is uber hot right now too.  And I thought it was just so my dirty laundry wouldn’t explode all over concourse A…


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  1. Rainbows? Really? Thank goodness I’m too old to bother with being hip.
    I’ve always felt it was a great injustice that we are not allowed to shoot tourists during tourist season.

  2. Too funny. I did the whole rainbow leg warmer thing back in the 70’s. My teen daughters doing it now. Tourists? Oh well, they are the bread and butter of so many of us living in the bay area. I remember my own awe the first time in the city.

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