Thermal-done The yarn eating, endless knitting on size 2 needle Thermal sweater is complete!

Yes, it seemed to take an age but I’ve finished the finishing of my flat Thermal.  As you can see I changed a couple of things to make this a more portable project.  I opted knit the pieces flat and brought the neckline up some and made the body longer.  I wore a really low ass cracky pair of jeans in the above photo to see how low I could go, so to speak, and this sweater is now about as long as the really long t-shirt I’ve got on underneath it.  Excellent, no fear of bending over with this sweater on.

I based my flat version off of Laura’s measurements and customized them a bit to fit me.  I also knit the neckbands separately so I could use a tubular cast on to get a really pretty finished edge to the bands.  That meant sewing them on, achingly slowly, but I much like the polished finished look to any of the cast off methods available.  The tubular cast off is ok, but the tubular cast on is much nicer.

I used the Thermal pattern, 11 skeins of Rowan 4 Ply Soft (100% merino wool) in colorway 370 (191 yds/50g), size 2 needles and buttons from the stash.  Now I just need some autumnal weather to wear this little number.  Until then, it’ll be “resting”.


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  1. Love it! I’m still working (endlessly) on mine. Added length and raised neckline, but I’m working in the round and I’m not sure I’ll EVER finish – since you have time on your hands, perhaps I could send it to you ;-). Great job!

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