Neo sox

Wonder-twin-yarn I’m in my layover hotel in Denver and they have Bravo on the tv selection and I’m transfixed, nay COMPELLED, to watch Shear Genius Season 2!  I don’t have Bravo at the house, mercifully, so this is a new phenom for me.  These sytlists are sooooo bitchy and freakish!  I may have to turn it off soon or I’ll feel compelled to attack my own hair with nail clippers. New-socks

In addition of watching bitchy TV, I’m working a new sock.  I’m using my Spirit Trail Fibreworks sock yarn from a few Marylands ago.  Carolyn and I bought the same colorway and immediately dubbed them Wonder Twins.  That’s how we roll.  Carolyn brought the Francie sock pattern to my attention and I thought I’d try that lovely look out on my Spirit Trail.  (See how I’ve been influenced by the bitchy hair show)!

So far so good.  I LOVE how this colorway looks when knit up.  You never know what those multihued yarns will look like until you’ve bought them.  These popsicle colors just mesh and meld and make me hungry.  All good things!


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  1. I grew up in Denver and remember it being very hot this time of year, with a 20 minutes of rain every afternoon.

  2. Dude, the next time you’re in Denver, you have to let me know. That’s where I live, ya know. Except this time I was actually out of town and I rarely travel. Next time . . .

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