Manchester fun


Some days you really know why the call it "work".� Some days you get lucky and hope no one figures out that they don't have to pay you to do your job.� My trip to Manchester was one of those "I'd do it for free" trips.

Manchester was awesome, so go there if you get the chance.� The people are incredibly nice, and trust me, I've been all over the world and that is not always so.� They also have one of the best accents ever!� I've bid for more of these trips next month, but as I've relatively little seniority, I can only hope.� Perhaps a vaction then.

Everyone was apologetic about the weather when we arrived, but it was a short lived rain and was gorgeous by the afternoon.� I took very few pictures since I wanted to do much and only had 24 hours.� I snapped a few details in our hotel.� The building used to be a bank and train station (or something like that) and is all cobbled together to make a charming hotel where all the US airline crews stay.� That means it's a party place…duty free booze anyone�:)� I took a few more�by the city hall and then marched off to the shopping quarter.� I bought a couple things on sale and lots of chocolate.� No yarn or fabric was spotted in my travels.

Now don't think my next trip this weekend will be a let down because I get to see my friend Carolyn!� Yay for Chicago!

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