Self knitting sweater

Febby-lala Despite flying for the last 10 out of 11 days, I managed to knit a few rows here and there.  February Lady sweater is progressing well with this desultory treatment, rather like the self knitting sweater.  Minimal effort, maximum result.

What is there to say about this pattern that isn't already all over the net.  It's easy, and the Zimmermann bones are super-model good.  I'm using some cheap yarn (sale priced Lion Brand Cotton Ease) that is working well in the taupe/brown colorway oddly called Hazelnut.  It's not at all hazelnutty, but more like Ovaltine.  Whatev.

I got bored with the body this a.m. while watching my Netflix Last Detective series 4 dvd and started a sleeve.  I know!  I'm a Berkeley rebel – still.  That's another good point about this project, good TV knitting.

Not much else today, I'm hugely jetlagged and planning to attempt to get on a plane tomorrow.  It's for vacation, not work, so that's good.  The bad is that the flight is full and I'm flying standby.  Even if I don't make it on the flight, I'll enjoy being off for the next 11 days.  Good times.


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  1. you make me jealous. me and the first (i.e. wee baby) version of this sweater have had a few go rounds… And I most recently noticed I forgot about button holes.
    Dog help me 🙂

  2. Have a most fab holiday ! I prescribe plenty of relaxing, with as much knitting as you fancy !
    i’m knitting a FLS. Or should I say, I’ve started one of those ?!

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