Still a bum

Gwld I'm still on vacation and am such a bum I extended my trip by one more day to make up for a rainy day at the start of the trip.  We're in Switzerland and I'm enjoying a nonstop parade of cheese and chocolate.  I do mean nonstop.  I'll be on a cleansing fast next week just to possibly fit into my clothes again.

Today's excursion is to Grindelwald and that's certainly worth playing hookey one more day for.  I always figure I can make it up later in the month.  Gotta love the freedom of my job!  I'll put up my crappy pix when I finally make it home, but for now enjoy this one off the tourist bureau website.  Ciao!

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  1. Cheese and chocolate! I’m so jealous.
    And if you find yourself on that grassy hill, won’t you feel the need to pretend you’re Maria? Just for a second. The hills are aliiiiveeeee!!!!

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