Swiss miss

Swiss mosaic

I managed to upload some of the non crappy pix from my little camera onto flickr and made a pretty mosaic of some of my Switzerland trip highlights.

I had a good trip to Europe.  I’d not been to Switzerland in many years and my mom’s entire family is there.  I was teased a bit about being so remiss about visiting, but I shall be certain to return soon.  It’s a beautiful place, awesome food and so much cheese I wanted to die.  Oh yeah, and my family is really great too…

I’d worried a bit about getting a standby flight of of SFO, but it turned out to be fine and we got business class to Europe.  That really helps take the sting out of a long flight.  That is perhaps the best perk of my job.  Domesticly first class is never available, but internationally it is much easier to snag.  Of course I pay for this perk with my labor, I mean I was puked on TWICE last month by ADULTS!  No joke people.  Don’t fly when you’re sick please…

More later on actual knitting content.  I’ve got a travel project underway you’ve never even heard about.


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  1. Looks like a really nice holiday! I wish I had family in exciting places. I can’t believe you got puked on, I think if that happened to me I would throw up immediately myself!

  2. Lovely photos of Switzerland. Is it as expensive as everyone says it is? However, with the mention of cheese, I may take out a bank loan and go and visit!

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