Feb Lady and aliens

Alien-abduction I worked on February Lady Sweater all weekend and finished one sleeve.  I know!  Of course I worked this weekend too, so that interfered substantially with the knitting.  I started the second sleeve yesterday afternoon and finished it before the 49ers lost.  Clearly I'm a dork.

In the spirit of proving my dorkdom, I'm posting the only shot of the sleeve progress mirror picture that didn't come out totally blurry.  Unfortunately I look like I'm staring into the eyes of an alien or something.  I also had the camera at a 38 degree angle (thanks photoshop measuring tool) which can't be a recommended technique.  I guess I should crop my head out, but it's a seriously hilarious picture.  Maybe I'll make it my xmas card this year…I mean Carolyn has hers picked out already too!

Oh yes, the sweater is coming out well and I think it'll be extremely wearable.  Back to the spaceship with me.


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  1. you funny photoshop lady… I so need to attack my baby one (baby is due in November after all) so that I can feel ok to approach an adult one. I keep seeing them and I WANT, now just must KNIT 🙂

  2. Oh, dear! That photo is great – I think we’ve all taken a photo with the “Staring Off Into Space Whilst Being Probed” look.
    Sweater’s looking good though.

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