February in September

Fls1 The second week with a FO!  Don't get used to this will ya, I can't keep up the pace.  Please note that today's shot has the alien abduction stare cropped out.

February Lady Sweater is officially complete.  I even tossed it in the washer and DRYER to soften up the Cotton Ease.  Turns out that Cotton Ease loves the washer and dryer and it's now soft and comfy.

I'd thought a trip to the store was necessary for the buttons, but I found some workable ones in the stash.  I used the wrong side of the buttons, which was really much more interesting than the "right" side.  Excellent.

So to sum up, the yarn is Lion Brand Cotton Ease, 4.5 skeins purchased on sale for $4/skein.  February Lady pattern is gratis from Pamela Wynne and is based on one of Elizabeth Zimmermann's baby sweater patterns.  The buttons were in the stash and 0 dollars.  Holy crap.

I love it and I'm wearing it tonight.  How's that wearable?