Shawl mosaic3 

Lace on Silvia's blog?  I know what you're all thinking – that bitch couldn't knit lace to save her dyed head! 

You're right.  I can't, but Cookie can.

Indeed, I sent her some gorgeous yarn languishing in my stash and she knit me a shawl.  (See Carolyn – you may be the master of getting the knitting love, but I learned a few tricks too.)  I know!  Why would she do that?  Maybe she's insane, or maybe I have something on her that she doesn't want known.  I won't tell – for now.

This yummy shawl is knit by Cookie with Sundara Silk Lacein a tomato red somewhat solid (can't remember) colorway.  Cookie used the Shetland Triangle pattern (ravelry link) by Evelyn A. Clark published in Wrap Style.  She used US 3 lace Addi circs and knit 20 repeats of the main chart before doing the edging chart.

I love it!  I feel like a rockstar in it.  Thanks Cookie!