Shawl mosaic3 

Lace on Silvia's blog?  I know what you're all thinking – that bitch couldn't knit lace to save her dyed head! 

You're right.  I can't, but Cookie can.

Indeed, I sent her some gorgeous yarn languishing in my stash and she knit me a shawl.  (See Carolyn – you may be the master of getting the knitting love, but I learned a few tricks too.)  I know!  Why would she do that?  Maybe she's insane, or maybe I have something on her that she doesn't want known.  I won't tell – for now.

This yummy shawl is knit by Cookie with Sundara Silk Lacein a tomato red somewhat solid (can't remember) colorway.  Cookie used the Shetland Triangle pattern (ravelry link) by Evelyn A. Clark published in Wrap Style.  She used US 3 lace Addi circs and knit 20 repeats of the main chart before doing the edging chart.

I love it!  I feel like a rockstar in it.  Thanks Cookie!

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  1. Love the size and color and style for you.
    I’m knitting a lace shawl for a friend who doesn’t knit lace. One of my favorite things to do!
    DD and I were just at Nathania’s store this afternoon. Ellie’s hair is looking more and more auburn. She can almost walk on her own.

  2. 1 It looks smashing.
    2 you look like a rockstar in it.
    3 who is Cookie kidding with all that hardass exterior? Not me – she’s a smooshy ball of love. my observation anyway…

  3. you are totally rockin’ that shawl. and the tights. and the boots. i’m stealing those boots. better keep ’em under lock and key. i’ll squeeze my gigantor feet right into them.

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