Plum tuckered

Dakar I didn't fall down a rabbit hole, I was working.  I decided to try working one of the longer trips to Africa to see if ultra long haul all nighter flights are for me.  Needless to say, I'm exhausted and will perhaps do this trip again.  Just not on Wednesday when I'd been scheduled to go again.  I'll be going to Pittsburg instead…Dakar1

Lest you think I'd forget to take eye candy pix, please take heart.  Today's images are from Dakar.  The first pic is the view out from the hotel to Goree Island at sunrise (I did mention all these flights are at night).  The next pic is the yard next to the hotel (a five star mind) where a family has been living for years in makeshift shelter next to a swanky apartment building.  It's a fascinating place.

I'm off to my own bed now!