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Apres-over Surprise!

I do still knit.  I've been sporadically working on my Apres Surf hoodie.  I'm loving the little guy so far.  I've decided to do the body in the round just because.  It's working out fine so far and I've just started the bust increases.Surf-close

I'm using the RYC Cashcotton 4 Ply called for in the pattern because I managed to buy it for next to nothing on eBay.  Gotta love that.  Plus the color is called Imp and looks like cantaloupe.  Yummy stuff.  In fact, it's so soft I suspect it'll pill like a mother.

If your wondering what the fabric is under the AS hoodie, it's a few yards of cotton I bought in Johannesburg.  It's printed in Malawi and looks like a pretty classic print.  I thought it would make a pretty skirt a la hippy.  It'll marinate in the stash for now.  The next sewing project will involve Halloween and princesses…Yay!


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  1. I decided to knit this flat. Reason? My row gauge in the lacy part and the stockinette part seems right on in the flat knitting and I’m too chicken shit to fix what ain’t broke.

  2. This looks very good Sylvia. I hope you’ll talk about any modifications you made to convert the pattern from flat to circular. The less adventurous of us want to know!

  3. That IS a great color! High five for knitting it in the round, I wore mine for the first time the other day, and omg is it a warm sweater, and the cashsoft pilled only slightly, under the arms. So that’s good.

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